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/scanning guidelines

Things That Will Not Scan Well

 - Fingers spread apart or pointing
- Jet-black clothing
- Dark leggings
- Purse straps
- Shiny objects (shiny shoes, chrome plated accessories, etc.)
- Mesh/see-through objects (lace,, veils)
- Bare feet (please wear shoes)
- Limbs extended away from the body
- Props held away from the body
- Tight patterns on clothes (moire pattern)


- Dresses and skirts that are less than 12 inches from the 
   ground, but are not touching the ground

- High-heels and skates of any type (not possible to hollow through           these and generally too thin)
- Hats (may be held to chest)
- Long, thin objects (canes, ski poles, etc.)
- Eye Glasses
- Headphone cords, or any cables
- Chairs 
- Any item that is less than 1 inch in thickness in all directions

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